My Other Projects

Many of expressed interest in my other projects, especially filmmaking. Here are a few links to projects close to my heart.  Enjoy!

Jouska Road Productions:  A creative arts collective - where ideas hit the road!  I've been studying filmmaking for the past 4 years and finally decided to go for it - directing, writing, and producing.  Here is a sample of recent projects. 

We are excited to share the news THE AUTUMN WALTZ is now available for viewing, rental and purchase through Amazon Prime

This is a great step for my first little film I wrote is now on Amazon Prime. We are so pleased we can share the accomplishments of a talented Washington cast and crew with the rest of the world!

Here is the link and if you are so inclined, we would appreciate your review! 

Pancreatic Cancer Action Network:  All cancers suck. Pancreatic cancer has one of the worst survival rates, however I remain helpful, with all the growing and effective research developments towards breast cancer can be applied towards pancreatic and other deadly forms of cancer.