T.K. Johnson

DP/Writer/Producer, Final Beat Films

Kira has such a passion for the art of filmmaking while also being very organized and professional in her work. She is prepared to handle any situation that may come up on set, and if for some reason she doesn’t have the answer to someone’s question, she will not stop until she finds it.

Tony Doupe

Actor, Producer, Director

Kira is one of the most well-versed filmmakers I’ve ever worked with. She does it all at a very high caliber and is a joy to work with.


Writer, director, producer, 1st AD, script super, etc, she has my full trust and confidence as an artist and producer.


I’d work with her any where, any time, any day.

Deb Pralle pix.jpg

Debra Pralle

Actor, Screenwriter, Director

If you want to work with someone who is intelligent, creative, knowledgeable, passionate, organized, centered, and damn funny, work with Kira Sipler. She’s in a league of her own.

Lorraine Montez

Ninja Producer
Founder, Abundant Productions
Partner, Seattle Film Summit

Whether she’s producing, acting as 1st or 2nd AD, or directing Kira is a fabulous, professional filmmaker with an eye for great stories, and a keen sense of logistics that I have yet to find anyone else can rival.

Jess Grant.jpg

Jess Grant


I was impressed by Kira’s powerful work ethic and calm on-set demeanor. When everyone else is freaking out, Kira is the one who’s keeping it all together. I can’t wait to work together again!

Brian Binning.jpg

Brian Binning

Composer,Novel Effect

Kira handles her job with diplomacy, sternness when necessary and a levity that’s much needed at times. I’ve yet to work with another AD who can keep the production flowing as smoothly as she does.

Ben Andrews pix.png

Benjamin Barak Andrews

Actor, Producer

Founder, Seattle Film Summit

Kira is one of those people you hope to work with for the rest of your career.

bob freeman.jpg

Bob Freeman

Filmmaker, Bad Alien Bob

As a Producer and Director, Kira is a strong and compassionate leader with a solid storytelling eye. She nurtures a fun and focused working environment that motivates people to bring the best of their talents to the project.

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